The Expedition Ukraїner: South East Ukraine


Beautiful sights of my homeland filmed by stunning guys from Ukraїner and supported by one of my tracks. “Ykish” Camera Man: Dmytro Okhrimenko Video Edit: Mykola Nosok

“we are starting Ukraїner, a new media project aimed to understand and determine who we are through thorough research.

Our expedition will last eighteen months and embrace all fourteen historical regions of Ukraine, from Slobozhanshchyna to Podillia, from Volyn to Tavria. We will be starting with the western part of Ukraine and introducing you to Zakarpattia during the whole summer. You can join the expedition by opening your unique region and introducing amazing people to us.

Ukraїner will share curious stories about the most distant corners, people, art, and food. Based on the expedition results, we are going to create modern guides to Ukraine in several languages. What do we need for that? First of all, your readers’ interest and trust.” –


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