Share the Culture: international networking meeting

I was invited to this event to speak about music development in Ukraine.

Share the Culture: international networking meeting
Share the Culture: international networking meeting

1. Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia – cultural reality: presentations of guests

A. Cultural institutions and NGO

B. Music labels

C. Festivals

2. Following trends – how to gain the audience nowadays, when social media and mobile devices are very popular: discussion panel

Differentiate or die, that is: the art for the viewer, or maybe the viewer for art? Nowadays, participatory model in preparing media events is gaining popularity. At this moment, we will also discuss how optimalisation and evaluation of culture events should work. We will discuss case study regarding building audience’s interest and microtargeting of communicates.

Meaning of building and evaluating relations with viewers. We will discuss audience relations management, engaging in process of analysis the work of art. How to use social media not only during a culture event, but also before and after it.

New technologies working for promotion of a work of art: mobile technologies, applications and platforms. Discussing case studies.

Grassroots marketing, that is building the audience, supporting rank-and-file initiatives and taking advantage of social potential for promotion of idea and a work of art.

Branding and a packaging of a work of art: content is the king? Function of designing and planning packaging in a process of promoting artistic events. Designing promotional materials proper PR, planning of communication processes as integral elements of a creative work.

Marketing of experiences: work of art itself is never enough. The Y generation expectations.

Moderator: Szymon Sikorski (PL)


3. Networking in culture – A chance to exchange ideas; New perspectives: discussion panel

Together more – transborder cooperation is a chance for culture managers. Some kind of shift on a culture market, frankness and accessibility have changed market of culture products. Today, culture managers have to offer more and more new products. Transborder cooperation can be a chance for it.

Exchange of experiences – know-how in events’ organization, information regarding cooperation with artists, possibilities of gaining and implementing European funds – these are only some of topics which will be discussed among culture managers.

Culture management – human resources management, budgeting, events’ planning – work in culture is often similar to corporate management solutions. However, still different…

Chances for Central Europe region – community of experiences, similar culture contexts. Certain culture institutions are dealing with promotion of local artists, succeeding in it or not. Common activity strengthens the image of culture in whole region. However, can we discuss some universal, common values?

Cross-promotion and cross marketing – common promotion, using social media to promote certain culture initiatives, festivals, etc.

Moderator: Szymon Sikorski (PL)


Music Business 2013

Получил приглашение выступить с докладом на форуме представителей музыкальной индустрии Music Business 2013, в рамках Українського Музичного Ярмарку 26-29 сентября. Я участвовую в круглом столе, девиз которого в этом году “Интернет и музыкальный бизнес“.


Первый день форума Music Business-2013.
В свою очередь тоже хочу сказать спасибо всем кто пришел, тем кто приехал из других городов, чтобы послушать меня)) я был приятно удивлен. Был рад развиртуализироваться с некоторыми из вас!)) #MusicBusiness2013 Спасибо Dartsya Tarkovska▼  за приглашение и за то что ты решила объединить всех нас :).


Secret Stage Axxent Promo: Night Tides

I’m having a gig tonight @ Secret Stage, VDNH in Kiev, UA Door Open: 20:00

Молодий дует для багатьох став відкриттям минулого року. На рахунку команди вже 2 EP і один повноформатний альбом, виданий на шотландському лейблі Black Lantern.
Концептуальні електро-акустичні експерементатори, яким вдається поєднувати в музиці джазові мотиви та атмосферний idm.
Fudo Kazuki
Проект Андрія Уварова, засновника лейблу Ultra Vague Recordings. Він пише музику з 2010 року, хоч не вважає себе професийним музикантом, проте за цей час встиг зібрати чимало шанувальників своєї творчості.
Special Guest: Mari Cheba
Олександр Гладун – ветеран української електронної сцени. Результатом 15 років його експериментів зі звуком стали релізи на таких лейблах, як Kvitnu, Awkward Silence Recordings, Shaped Harmonics, Horns And Hoofs, Section 27 та понад 2000 композицій.
Після live-програми організатори обіцяють ніч різноманітної музики від діджеів LostlojicTexcutMai CelphSwallowBreathAlex SleepySitreus Ramirezr.roo.
Початок о 20:00
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Sísý Ey – Ain’t Got Nobody (Fudo Kazuki remix)

In Feb. 2013 me and my wife went to Sónar Reykjavík

Sísý Ey - Ain't Got Nobody (Fudo Kazuki Bootleg Mix)

in a couple months after I’ve got back home I wrote this remix. I sent it to the band and received “thank you” in reply, so I thought it was okay and I can share it here with you guys. 

Sísý Ey – Ain’t Got Nobody (Fudo Kazuki Bootleg Mix)

Sísý Ey is a band founded in 2011 by Carmen Jóhannsdóttir who had previously worked with Elín Ey. The idea was to get Elín Ey and her two sisters, Elísabet Eyþórsdóttir and Sigríður Eyþórsdóttir, to sing live house music and to not only bring their voices into new territory, but also use their abilities in different context as they all have more acoustic-driven music careers. After spending some time scouting for “the one” to work with, the missing link was found in Oculus, a producer and a DJ. The main focus of the band has been live performances. Although Sísý Ey’s music has just begun taking its first steps, the band has many releases on the horizon and gotten unbelievable attention for their music and performances.